Our clients are our most prized possessions!

Let us introduce you to a few of them... in these Case Studies:


In 2015, Dockside Pub & Grill decided they needed a new web presence and a social media rescue.

The new owners had purchased a restaurant with a poor online reputation, and only a FaceBook page as their website.

To top it all off, they had inherited very poor ratings on UrbanSpoon and Yelp due to the previous owner's inability to satisfy their customers.

After building a new mobile-friendly website for Dockside,
doing photography for the images on the site, and preparing a marketing program, their weekly sales went up and their rating on UrbanSpoon and Yelp dramatically increased.

They were attracting new clientele and were able to tell their own message instead of relying on third party review sites to spread years old information about the bar.

After the success of the website, the owners decided to enlist the services of Galactica to build their new menu and marketing materials, as well as help promote upcoming events and concerts.

Check out Dockside's  
new website here...





Several years ago, Majestic Catering went through a redesign of their website.

The design of the website and their new catering menu was given to Galactica.

We built and delivered their website in less than a week, and they have been using it ever since.with minimal updates required.

We recently redesigned their menu, which has been a big hit with customers. 

Majestic Catering's new menu

Majestic Catering's new menu

Check out Majestic's
website here...